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I'm still here
TilerTHPS @ Jun. 07, 2018
Happy Birthday!
Happy belated birthday xT! Let me know who's still tagging if you somehow get wind that this site is (kind of) up and running again.
Tenkae @ Aug. 02, 2016
Password reset or registration
So I didn't realize exactly how simple the problem was with registration and password reset. Now, both are fully functional!!!!! If you'd like to use this website, go right ahead. You can use a new or old account, whichever is available!!
Tenkae @ Jul. 15, 2016
Holy Shnikeys
Whale whale whale, I don't think anyone would have expected to see this again. But, here I am wanting to learn more about web programming, so what better way than to bring this out of the grave and throw it on some free hosting :) Let's see how this adventure goes!

Holy shit I can't believe xT is almost 14 years old.....
Tenkae @ Jun. 28, 2016
The time has come
Ok, THPS is dead, no way to argue it. Due to this, and the fact that I've been PAYING for the hosting, I think it is time. All good things must come to an end, and this was a good thing. I have renewed the domain for the last time, and the storage has another 500-ish days left on the account. In this time I MIGHT be working on finishing the site for the hell of it. If it becomes fully functional, it may show up in some other genre. If for some reason you have something here you want to grab (signatures, videos, what have you) make sure to use your time wisely and ARCHIVE ARCHIVE ARCHIVE. I will be copying the site as it is, database and all, and throw it in storage somewhere. If for some reason this site needs to become a venue for a larger scale of collaboration, there may be a free server I have access to :|. This site as it is is no longer worth what I pay for it, but if you want to turn it into something else... let me know, domains are cheap, and can be pointed anywhere.
Tenkae @ Jul. 27, 2013
Actual news!
Hey guys, been a while again.

So basically this site is old and still up. I don't think I'm going to be taking it down anytime soon though, actually just got a renewal notice on the .com. I may move it to a different location to save money. I actually have full control of a server at my work that I could move it to.

On a funny note, if you notice, there are apparently 2500 registered users. It seems some bots in this past year or two had tried to exploit code to massregister users. They did infact succeed in decoding the layout of the registration page. At this point I'm glad I wasn't dumb enough to not include user validation before post abilities :) Thank god for the email validation boom when i first made this code.

It seems that possibly IE has been updated to a point where I can make stuff look better here 8O. I'm going to spruce up some stuff on the site to actually make EVERYTHING presentable (finish skinning the site).

If you have facebook, hit me up, here. Let me know who you are in the request. There is actually a private thps group on facebook.

Now here's the real news, just in case you guys haven't seen it. THPSHD

Make some noise, do something.

Site Bugs and Suggestions - Suggest some new site features

Game Subforums - Suggest some new forums (either link for this is fine)
Tenkae @ May. 05, 2012
The year is now 2012, xT is roughly 9-10 years old now. And to answer the question that everyone has been asking for these 10 long years... Yes, tenkae is still a virgin.

That is all.
TilerTHPS @ Jan. 16, 2012
Online Servers
Thank you Tiler for this info. I was wondering about bi0hacker's old method for redirecting the master server to get online again. Behold, still-online-edness. THPS.US

Also, for those keeping track, xT is 9 years old. And if I'm correct, this webcode is at least 5 :D AND IT STILL WORKS! (cept that damn messed up post in the recent topics -_- (sweet jesus I remember the ftp password! OMG what does all this code mean! oh wait... i made it >.<))
Tenkae @ Jul. 03, 2011
Well well well
Well it seems I haven't even logged in forever, might as well throw an update here for those who still check once in a while. xT was established 8 years ago now. Not really anyone has been playing for atleast 3. I'm still using this code for several websites, works perfectly fine, I can't believe xhtml 1.1 is still relevant.

For those of you who still check this site once in a while, I LAUGH AT YOU. Not really. You guys should find a place in the forum and give an update on yourself, see if anyone really comes here. Anyways, here's to another 3 years of inactivity!
Tenkae @ Jul. 31, 2010
xT Birthday
xT aer 5 years old today, celebrashun!!!!!
Tenkae @ Jul. 29, 2007
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